What is a Greencard?
A green card is an immigrant visa and you would be a permanent resident of the U.S.

Do you sponsor Greencards? How much does it cost?
Yes, please refer to the benefits summary for more details.

Can I concurrently file I-140 and I-485?
Yes you can, as long as the visa number is immediately available.

What is an EAD and do I need it?
An EAD permits a person to work while the adjustment of status application is pending. It is necessary in cases where a person’s current employment eligibility will expire before the adjustment process is completed. It is also necessary when a person has never had employment authorization, such as a person who has been on H4 status.

What is a Travel Document and do I need it?
A travel document (Advanced Parole or AP) permits a person to travel outside of the United States while the adjustment application is pending. It is necessary if one needs to travel while the adjustment application is still pending and does not have another status on which to reenter the United States, namely an H1B or H4.

Can I extend my H1B while filing for and/or now that I filed my I-485?

Yes. Based on the Doctrine of Dual Intent, the applicant may extend his/her H1B status while filing for or after filing the adjustment of status. The same principle applies to H4 status.

Does the EAD void the H1B?
An H1B nonimmigrant has the option of applying for an EAD. However, if the person then uses the EAD to work for the same and/or another employer, s/he will no longer be maintaining H1B status. Just having, but not using, an EAD does not invalidate the H1B.