Can I begin working for you once the H1B petition is filed?
If you were previously on H1B status, then you are legally allowed to start working for DB Concepts upon filing the petition.

How long can one stay in the United States on an H1B?
On an H1B, one can’t stay for more than six years.

Who will incur costs associated with the sponsorship?
There are significant costs associated with the process and DB Concepts incurs all the costs.

Who will incur the costs associated with the dependent visas?
DB Concepts incurs the costs associated with the dependent visas.

I am on F1 status and will be graduating soon. I have a practical training work permit. Can you help me?

Yes, DB Concepts can help you build your career. Please click here to contact us.

Do you sponsor Greencards?
Yes, please refer to the benefits summary for more details.