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Does DB Concepts offer benefits to its employees?
Yes, In addition to an aggressive salary, DB Concepts offers full benefits such as medical and dental insurance, 401(k) plan and more to its employees. Click here to look at our benefits summary.

How often do I get paid and do I get paid even when I am not assigned to a project?
Yes, as a full-time employee of DB Concepts, you get paid every week, regardless of the projects.

Is there a fee involved in finding a position?
No, there is no fee to the applicant.

How long is the average project?
Most projects last approximately nine months, but are generally no less than six months and can go as long as three years or more. Lengths of assignment will vary based on the Client Company’s needs or internal requirements.

What is your relocation policy?
Please refer to the benefits summary.

What happens to my resume once I submit it to DB Concepts?
You should receive a call within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) from a Technical Recruiter ("talent agent") specializing in the types of positions you are looking for and to go over your background and your job search criteria. A marketing plan will be customized to meet your specific needs. This Technical Recruiter will be your main point of contact throughout your relationship with DB Concepts.

I am interested in joining DB Concepts but I do not want my current employer to find out. How is this handled?

At DB Concepts this is a common occurrence. We will handle your situation in a very discrete manner. We will discuss with you the best means of on-going communication. A unique marketing plan will then be set, specific to your needs and requirements.

Great! What do I do next?
Congratulations! Click here, we will help you build a meaningful career here in the United States of America.